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At Gentle Hands we are able to fulfill our mission through generous and faithful supporters like you. Your charitable donation helps us provide a safe, happy and healthy Christ-centered home for babies and children of the Philippines who might be otherwise left on the street hungry and alone without a supportive and guiding hand. Through your donation you are able to contribute to the fundamental needs of a child, specifically in the area of nutrition, education and medical programs.

Your tax-deductible monthly sponsorship of a child or single donation keeps Gentle Hands open to the desperate needs of these babies and children and helps to continue the work of rescuing, feeding, loving, and educating the Philippines most vulnerable victims.

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Our vision

is to be a center for rescue and healing of children in crisis

Our mission

is to provide family-style care and hope for children who have experienced trauma

Our Goal

is to bring holistic intervention to each child in our care

Gentle Hands Child Protection Policy

Gentle Hands, Inc. Child Protection Policy articulates the organization’s dedication to uphold the rights of children, in adherence to RA 7610, the Philippine law providing special protection to children from abuse, exploitation and discrimination. This policy aims to prevent child abuse through education towards awareness of abuse, outlining preventative measures and safe practices among all in contact with child clients, and detailing procedures to handle any alleged or suspected child abuse at GHI. All staff and volunteers over the age of eighteen (18) are required to read, sign and adhere to the Child Protection Policy

It is our goal at Gentle Hands, Inc. to create a safe and loving environment in which the children entrusted to our care are able to be in a safe place of healing, and learn what it means to be loved, and to have their rights respected.

To read the whole Child Protection Policy, email us at

Why support Gentle Hands

UNICEF estimates there are 1.8 million abandoned and neglected children in the Philippines. These children are left to the streets and dark places and, without help, face a life of poverty, hunger, sickness, abuse, beatings and assaults with little chance of escape. For many their lives are all too short.

But you can help change a life. We take in so many children that come with sad and horrific stories of neglect, abuse and abandonment. You can help rescue a child.

And with your help we begin to change lives.

Your donation. Your support. Your kindness makes a difference. Your donation, whatever the amount, helps us maintain a safe haven for these children. We provide medical support and life changing treatments and surgeries. We ensure babies and children can grow in a safe and supportive environment knowing they can have a healthy meal, education and, most of all, a chance.

It may seem overwhelming but your donation, no matter the amount, adds up. It’s your donation along with many other donations that create a future for these children. A small act can make a big difference.

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Gentle Hands is a child and youth welfare agency meant to be on the front lines of rescue (in coordination with Local Government Units) and rehabilitation of the medical, social, psychological, and educational needs of at-risk children and youth, advocating for the rights of children and working towards improving human community life through the love of Jesus and family centered care.

Through Home of Grace, Gentle Hands exists to provide holistic and therapeutic residential home care rehabilitation services including basic education, nutrition, and general health care to children in physical danger, those severely ill, malnourished, abandoned, sexually and /or physically abused, and otherwise disadvantaged children or those in other crisis situations as a result of poverty, uncaring family environment and other related problems, until such time as they can be reunited with their family, transferred to a long-term care facility, placed in foster care, or adoption is facilitated.

Gentle Hands is a 24-hour Residential Care Facility that provides social work, medical, nutritional, home life, educational, recreational, adoption counseling and Christian living programs to orphaned, neglected and abandoned children in the Philippines.