It has been a little more than one year since the fire that destroyed the entire community under the bridge where we spent 6 years working. Jay and his wife, Fely, were having a typical fight. In a drunken rage, Jay through an oil lamp and a fire engulfed the little home where their one year old lay sleeping.
Jay R arrived at 4 am in the morning… in critical condition. His father handed me the child and said, “I trust you more than anyone. Take care of my son.” Jay was whisked away by a Police Inspector, his hysterical young wife, following behind. We did not hear from them or see them again…

Surviving 3rd degree burns on 45 per cent of his body was one thing. For the entire year, we have not seen or heard from his parents. We were sure they were gone forever. Rumors contantly brewing… we have waited and prayed.
Yesterday, after accidentally finding someone who knew the parents, my social worker and I went to their house. Nothing much has changed for them. They are poor, skinny, without anything. If they venture too far into the city, they are threatened or beat up. Many harbor bitterness from that fire, and blame this couple. They had another baby over the past year and thankfully, he is nice and healthy.
I explained the scars and complications of keloids that poor little Jay R suffers from. Neither of them have seen him since the day of the fire so I brought all the pictures on my computer. This culture is brutal with teasing, especially of those with visible scars. The chances of a normal life for him here, are almost nil. The skin on his head is paper thin and gets infected from the tiniest scrape. He is susceptible to all sorts of skin diseases, his immune system understandably compromised. We have been praying for plastic surgery and an adoptive family in the USA.
Image005With a maturity that surprised my social worker and I both, the parents willingly surrendered Jay R for adoption. They stated he needed a new start and chance at life and that he had been through enough. We prayed and asked God to protect and provide for both Jay R and his parents. Jay asked me for a bike with a side car so he could try to make some money. I said I would try to find a sponsor.
We will begin to process Little Jay R’s papers next week. How exciting to know he will finally get the medical help and the “forever family” he has needed for so long!