It was their Christmas Party,
Though their eager little faces only stared
with hesitant expectation.
Lights twinkled everywhere while music played softly.

One by one, I handed them a present.
Some only hugged the pretty, wrapped package.
Some starred wide-eyed.
Some wouldn’t look at me.
No one… not one grabbed their gift
and ripped it open.
I had to coax them… to tear the paper
To see what was inside…

Later they played.
Hard and long.
Their baby dolls
And little toys now their treasure.
Giggles and screams as they raced cars and played ball.
The little girls snuggled their new babies.

As I went to check them before bed,
There, clutched in their tiny fists,
Were their new toys. Their presents.
Sleep was deep. They had worn themselves out.

I said a prayer of thanks
For the many who gave to make this Christmas possible.
Simple little toys, such little expense.
But my little ones
Oh! so blessed.