Airport1 We’ve made it! It is one week since we have arrived back “home” and we are adjusting back to the Asian way of life. Everything is circular. Life goes round and round and does not depend on a TO DO list. Go with the flow. Be flexible. Take time for people not things. Relationship and food are number one.

It has rained since we arrived. Everything is wet. Laundry takes days to dry and the floor is always damp!

(Kids at the airport)

Evan has already started at Faith Academy getting his classes ready. We call him the Social Studies Ninja and now we can add Bible Ninja to that. He is so excited for school to start! As are Elijah (grade 5), Jason (grade 10) and Noah (grade 9). It will be so awesome for them to have their dad on campus with them all day. 

The girls are happy just to be in their “real” house and spend lots of time with their grandma. We’ll start homeschoolingAirplane1 next week.

I have started to wade through the million things there are to deal with. I did get the water tank fixed today. It has been leaking everywhere and not functioning and oh well, big sigh. It was an all day thing following the plumber around and making sure the right pipes were changed. I started the boys sanding today on the school desks getting everything ready for our own little school to start next week.

(MF and E on airplane)

There are so many things to repair, to buy, to organize. There are so many files to go through, to get ready for the adoption board, and for court. There are many doctor appointments and assessments that we have to wade through. Oh the paperwork is endless!

There is no interArrival1net on our floor so I am having a hard time with email. Hopefully by the end of the week it’ll be figured out. I will have a facebook account by next week so you can really keep up to what is going on in my life everyday! (Can’t believe it’s come to this.)

Keep us in your prayers in this time of transition and adjustment. Keep giving and keep praying for funding as that is always a need here!

God is good and we are so glad to be back on the front lines…

(After 30 hours of travel, at the front door of Gentle Hands.)