I heave a sigh of relief for another life rescued and passed on into capable, willing, and loving hands. A forever family found for a little one that we have had for 18 months. This little boy, a miracle to even be alive, a miracle to now be healthy and strong.


I am thankful for these precious adoptive parents who have loved and accepted this little one without prejudice.


I see the twinkle in the father’s bright blue eyes, the joy that lights up his whole face as he holds his new son.


I see the gentleness in the eyes of the mother. The sweet caress and coo of her voice… how can this little one not be wooed into her love.


I see the fruit of their dedication and love in their older son, adopted as well. He hops about asking questions about his new little brother. Oh, the fun the two of them will have!


My heart gives a sigh. How I will miss his big brown eyes! For a moment the tears cling to my eyelashes and then splash down my cheeks. Tears of letting go, tears of relief, but mostly tears of joy.


It is often between life and death that I find myself standing. Today, it was life. Today it was beautiful and rewarding. Today I feel that hurt of letting go but I feel the overwhelming peace that hope brings.


What a special time of year to be involved in adoption. Jesus, the Son of God, adopted by Joseph. I remember how I too am adopted by God and the joy He must have at holding me, his child. I think I will crawl into His lap for awhile and let him woo me.


Andrew 1x1 Merry Christmas, Andrew.                                         


You are home where you belong, safe with Mommy and Daddy.


Gentle Hands 2008 Christmas Wish List

PICK something that YOU and your family give this year


For our rescued babies and children:

Puzzles and blocks                    $100

Strollers (4)                               $100 each

Kitchen table and chairs              $500 (seats 10)

Water heater for kids bathroom   $150

High Chairs (3)                          $75 each         

New pillows and sheets (20)       $50 each set

2 oxygen tanks                          $125 each        

Baby weigh scale                      $50

Cd player (2)                             $50 each

New shoes(25)                         $15 each

New TV                                    $250

New DVD player                       $50


For Gentle Hands

Photocopier                               $1000

Printer                                       $125

2 small air conditioners               $250 each

New large capacity Vehicle         $15,000

Help us raise more monthly support for our operational costs like food, water, electricity!

*All donations are tax deductible in the USA and Canada


Every year at Christmas, the boys at Gentle Hands do an outreach of some kind to those who have nothing at Christmas. For the last 7 years, we have done grocery bags, and Christmas stockings to Escopa where we have been heavily involved in community outreach.

This year, we will be putting together 130 care packages for the youth jail, young boys who are mostly from very poor families and will have nothing special this Christmas. We want to share Jesus with them and show them that someone cares and that there is hope for their lives!

If you would like to be part of this, our budget is $10 a package!

                                                              Bar of soap

Hand towel

Bar of laundry soap





We will also be putting together grocery bags to be given out Christmas Eve night to street children who roam the streets near our place. We are hoping to put together at least 50-75 meals. We will cook it and deliver it out in “to go” plates. We are estimating a cost of $100 for this.

Help us give Christmas to the poor!