She was in labor. A few quick questions that I’m sure sounded more like interrogation, and I was sure she would give birth that afternoon. Youth outreaches, a team from Texas of 22, and so many other things to supervise, I couldn’t believe the timing. 

It was so wrong! We had a youth service planned and I needed to translate. I thought of a plan and assigned two ladies whom I had come to love and trust to go with the young mother to the lying-in clinic where she would give birth before surrendering her baby for adoption.

I cannot put on paper the events over the next few hours that would open my 2 friends to life in another country, to cultural differences, to the treatment of the poor. Someday they will have to tell you.

I remember looking at my watch later in the afternoon. I only had an hour but I felt so pressed to go and check on the labor. I got on the back of the motorcycle and we zipped over to the lying-in clinic. There was the mother in a  panicked state. My two friends were off to the side, whiter than usual, in quite a state too. The midwife told me with a long face we would be there til the middle of the night. Now, I had rehearsed the whole way over how I would be gentle and meek, how I would be loving and not bossy. Those of you that know me, well, I tried. I really tried. I walked in and saw the mismanagement of the birth, the state of the mother, and well, I took charge.


We started to breath, I ordered the midwives around, barked at my two friends to get in here and help and I layed hands on the mother’s tummy. It was a short prayer but I asked for a supernatural birth that would glorify God and as I did a little more bossing around to the midwife and her panicking assistant, the baby was out in just 15 minutes.


January 09 083And so, on July 2nd, 2008, little Faith was born into the world. Loved and wanted immediately. Held and snuggled as though it were a different time and place. Two experienced mothers held her and cooed over her. It couldn’t have been more beautiful.


Today, I met her adoptive parents for the first time. A young couple, unable to have children, their hands shook as they giggled and passed her back and forth. I watched quietly as Faith lay her head on her new mommy’s shoulder without hesitation. Many of us have prayed for this day. As I told the parents how many people around the world were praying for them- even before they knew that she would be theirs- tears welled up in their eyes.


The adoption wasn’t at all how I had it all planned out but I knew in my heart that God had orchestrated it just like it was. I’m so thankful for all who have been involved in little Faith’s life even up to now, especially Terri and Julie, my Texas friends. Feb 20 09 331


Thank you to all of you who have held her and loved her, prayed for her and supported her. Be assured you have been a part of it all.

Feb 2 09 482 Little Augustine was brought to us by some good missionary friends who work in a different part of Manila.

Thin, weak, he had been very sick for a long time but no one knew why. He was 13 months old and only weighed 12 pounds.

Something was familiar about his cry, his smell, the way he was so lethargic. We took him in and gave him medicine… deworming medicine.

You can imagine how thrilled my caregivers were when he started passing 6-inch-long-spaghetti-like-worms. After a few more doses of medicine and a few more days of excitement, he stopped hiding his little face from everyone. He stared to smile and gain weight. Without intervention, he would have wasted away and gotten dehydrated until it was too late.

Another precious life saved!