034 A month ago, I had known he was sick. I had been very clear and very stern with the extended family that he needed help. I had told them to call, to bring him over, to go to the hospital, anything. Just do something or he would die. I could see his head was already swelling and he was not happy. His walk was slow and he held his head like it hurt.


A panicked text early in the morning and I told the mom to bring him to me. She did and now I sat with her 3 year old who could no longer walk, no longer talk, and who had so many of the neurological symptoms that go with hydrocephalus, or “water on the brain”.


I couldn’t believe she had waited this long. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten to follow him up. I couldn’t believe the mother was THAT selfish to have let it get this bad.


I sat on the floor beside his crib and held his little hand through the bars. My heart so heavy.  “Jesus loves you, baby,” I whispered, my eyes filling with tears. He looked at me as he had been for the past ten minutes. No sound, no response.


Could he sense my anxiety?


Where did I even start?

Where would I get him checked up?

What hospital would I take him to for a CAT scan, knowing the price difference between government and private? Knowing the difference in the quality of care between the two?

What doctor did I know that could help me?

How could we ever afford the treatment that this might require?

Would there be brain damage after a shunt was put in?

Was he already too far gone to help? He was so weak and dehydrated.

What was his future? How could I return him to his community knowing this had already happened due to neglect.

How long could this wait, knowing I was leaving for the States in two days? How would we pay for treatment knowing I was fundraising for daily expenses as it is?


Tears rolled down my cheeks as I prayed quietly for healing, for wisdom, for peace, for provision for our needs.


I felt his little hand slowly wrap around my fingers.


I know he is not my child. I know it is the neglect, selfishness and irresponsibility of his own family that has brought him to this point.


But I know Jesus loves him. And I just don’t know what to do. I know as much as I want to save him, Jesus holds his life in his hands, not I. All my trust must be in God.


Sometimes on the mission field we are faced with situations we aren’t sure how to handle. Should I have endless funding perhaps I wouldn’t seek God’s direction in every situation. And maybe that’s a good thing.


We have scheduled to see Arielle to see an American Pediatric Neurologist and then we will schedule a CAT scan. This will cost 4 to 500 dollars. We do not have the funds for this. We need to raise more monthly funds for milk and diapers as it is. But we need more information before we can decide what to do for this precious little boy.


Please pray that we will have wisdom and direction from God.

“I have done my best for 6 months. I just can’t see any hope, any future. My son cannot see. He is blind. I do not know where to go for help. My family has disowned me because of this baby. I am sorry to leave him this way but it is for him. Maybe someone else can give him a better life.”

She asked someone sitting beside her in the hospital waiting room to hold her little boy while she went to the bathroom. She never went back. The note was found in the baby’s diaper bag.

And so 3 days ago, this little baby, blind with cataracts, was transferred from hospital to a well- known institution. The institution only wants “well” babies. He had to be moved so they called us yesterday morning.

Our hearts heavy for this little one, we said yes without hesitation.


How terrified he would be. Abandoned and alone, surrounded by strangers, no familiar smells, no familiar voices or sounds.

We have called him Moriah. The name given to the hills where Isaac was to be sacrificed in Genesis. It means the Lord is my teacher.


April 15 022

Please pray for Moriah. Pray he will settle. Pray he will take his bottle. Pray for shalom, for peace.

He lays in bed playing with his little feet singing at the top of his lungs. I have told him at least half a dozen times to go to sleep. He giggles and pretends, bursting into laughter at his own charade.


He started walking yesterday, after crawling for about 5 days. He was so weak that only a few steps and he dropped to the ground. He was obviously quite proud of himself. His belly is quite swollen from stuffing himself for the past few weeks but it will go down.

We expect to fully recover. We expect him to walk, run, and play just like other healthy children.

I have a meeting tomorrow with the parents of this little one and the leaders of the community. I April 5th 2009 070 have no idea what the outcome will be but I’m praying for God’s guidance and discernment as I try to figure out what really happened to little Earl and how can I best protect him so it won’t happen again.Earl





Earl, 3 days after admission





Thank you for your prayers and support of Earl. He is a living miracle.


She was young, only about 17. Her mother accompanied her and in her arms was a baby. He was jaundiced and I remember how tiny his little face was. She was looking for someone to care for her baby while she finished her schooling. We took him without hesitation. At that time, we had a young Canadian volunteer, Jazz, working in the nursery. Ronnie became her charge, her sole responsibility.

 Ronnie 38

Days turned into weeks and the weeks into months. No phone calls. No visits.


We visited the home and asked them to just surrender Ronnie for adoption. They refused. But they also didn’t want him back. We were stunned.


A bluff, and we told her that the following month, we would give her back her child. It was her responsibility and we couldn’t legally keep him any more. We were all heartbroken as we prepared to give this 18th month to a mother he had only seen for a few days.


We went to the house and to our surprise, she and her mother were gone. There was no forwarding address and no information from anyone.


We immediately began processing Ronnie’s abandonment in the court. Miraculously, it was done in just a few months and Ronnie was ready to be matched.


He received a little picture book and a teddy bear from his adoptive parents from the


. We looked at the pictures every day, the cat, the bed, the yard, the house, the toys…


We prayed over Ronnie and talked every day about his new mommy and daddy and sister, Yuwei. By the time they got here, he was so ready to meet them. He just loved “Papa” and laughed hysterically at the funny tricks. He responded to “mama” too.


March 20 049 The day before they left, as we said our final good-byes, the mother hugged me and in a thick dutch accent said “Oh, thankyou for our son. He has been so well prepared for us and he is such a well raised boy!” How proud I was of the “team” that had raised this little boy, mostly Jazz and Ate Pat.


This morning I can just imagine Ronnie getting on the airplane with them, on his way home. Finally, a forever home that is his own.