Her mother threw her in a garbage can of a restaurant at birth. Didn’t even cut the cord from the placenta.

These little ones were sold. Or stolen. Definitely bought, though.

This one watched his mother be beaten over and over by his father. She eventually ran away, leaving him to endure the beatings.

Sisters. They were left to fend for themselves years ago, when they were still very young. They don’t know what it’s like to have a mother.

She found her mother dead only three months ago. She still has nightmares.

His mother left him with another woman only for him to be beaten over and over. He has scars to prove it.

His mother left him in the dark, in a basin. To die. He didn’t.

His mother left him in a market stall, a note in his bag.

We think they are stupid. Irresponsible. Ignorant. Selfish. Inhuman. We are repulsed.

But I can’t help but wonder what horrors they went through. What traumas they experienced. What utter desperation drove them to leave their child. And I wonder if I could or would have done any different.

No woman can erase the memory of the child she carried within her for 9 months.

And no mother forgets that child.

So today. I pray for these mothers. Wherever they are. Maybe they have moved on with life and things are better. Maybe life is still hell.

May they have peace. May they forgive themselves.

May they somehow know that God’s hand is on their child’s life.

May they know that somewhere, another mother, is loving their child; holding them, protecting them and watching over them.

To the mom’s who have become mother’s to the children of Gentle Hands,

Thank you. May you be especially blessed this day. I know the child you hold in your arms is nothing less than a miracle. God’s Hand of protection and blessing is surely upon them.