She is 95, she thinks. She can hardly see. For months, she has lined up in our weekly medical line asking for eyeglasses so she could see better. I would give her vitamins and hug her. She would smile and tell me to be a good girl.

Last week, I overheard someone say, you should go check lola because she fell. I found her lying on the cold wet floor in her daughter’s shack. She had indeed fallen down a ladder (I don’t know what she was doing) and dislocated her hip. They took her to the hospital the next day when they realized she couldn’t walk. The doctors refused them any help because of her age and respiratory condition.


Gently, we picked her up and she came home with us.She takes my hand, thanking me for caring for her. As tears roll down her cheeks, she talks about her family not wanting her, yelling at her, her fears, her experiences, her past… and she tells me how she prayed last night for God to take her from this life. No one loves her anyhow. I took her face in my hand and told her how much of a blessing she was.

I have seen my 16 year old foster daughter spend hours at her side listening to her stories, that she sometimes tells over and over.

I have seen little Cherrylyn, just 7 years old, ask her why she has such wrinkled skin and tell then perch on her bed and tell her her own stories.

I have watched Cat rub her cheek and feed her slowly, and gently.


Dear kuya Mario, our 46 year old orphan, sits for hours making her laugh and talking about the good old days.

Mary Ann, takes her math and sits on her bed every morning, doing her school.

Various short-termers change her diaper and give her sponge baths.

I have seen Rachel, reading the bible to her.

Judileth and Dolly singing worship songs with her.

The children often go in and out of her room. Some just look, some rub her hands, and others laugh and tell her what they learn in school.And they do this all without a schedule or me telling them to do so.

So, what a blessing you are, dear Lola. You have many grandchildren now. Lord, please let her see she is valuable and precious in your sight.

This morning, she said to me, “I asked God to give me a little more time. I am happy here.”