Friday’s post contains no real words, other than these – why? we have out-of-town guests fri and most of saturday. i teach most of saturday. so ya…that is why. and this is also the close of A Day in the Life series…for now

to be honest, it takes a lot of time and energy to do these – as you have read, its always GO-GO-GO here at GH…so sitting down, taking photos off of my iphone and then typing everything after a LONG day – ya…as much as i’m thrilled to have been able to do this for you to get JUST a glimpse of what life at GH and for charity is, i’m glad i’m almost done doing the posts! haha. i mean really, i have a list as long as my arm that has GOT to be really looked at and done this week! charity needs stuff done! 😉

so thanks for reading, if you have been (hard to tell, as there weren’t many comments) and following our crazy days.. 🙂

xo tracey


here’s friday in photos:

the beginning of the day

construction on the Adoption Suite is almost complete!

charity with one of our out-of-country visitors, ryan, from cambodia

cute kids playing

monitoring the homeschooled kids

yes, he fell asleep on his trike

homeschooling rocks!

and the kitty lives on!

making important calls to important people about our important kids 🙂

2 weeks of our in-school teachers notes to go over

and arwyn ran into charity’s arms and told her she loved her. what a week!
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