monday – where is thy sting?

i texted charity at 5am to make sure she was awake – i usually dont have to do that – she is awake at 4am most days. but going to bed feeling under the weather -bones hurting, fighting off this “epidemic” that the children downstairs are fighting–and having to be up early to take her son Elijah to the hospital for 630 – wanted to make sure.

i text. no reply.

odd, i think.

i call. after almost 10 rings it hangs up. she is now up. and i get a text:

“thank u. sleepless night w fevers…not a good night.”

ay yes, there is your sting, dear monday.

with a slight panic that sarah joy forgot her backpack at home (her and merry faye stayed at our place, as to make going to school this morning a little easier for charity who was taking elijah to the hospital) but after some conversation with SJ that she indeed left her backpack at home but DID remember her uniform, monday was well on its way.

by 630am charity and elijah were at the hospital checking in. albeit a simple procedure, still quite stressful for your child to “go under the knife” if you will.


Elijah pre-op

the metal plate and screws they removed, that were inserted 2 years ago after his arm was shattered in a “bouncy house” accident 🙂

after an hour+ in surgery, elijah is just starting to wake up. she says they had to chisel out the screws where the metal plate was in his bone – the bone had overgrown both ends of the plate. poor guy – that’s going to hurt later. 🙁

wait – another text – the anesthesiologist just told charity she sedated elijah – he was ripping out the oxygen and pulling his blankets off. smart move.

it’s now 10am. yes – we can cross “elijah’s surgery” off our one list. 😉

by 1130 they are home and the boy is fast asleep and life at the orphanage for charity continues.

this weeks schedule – a despidita (going away), immunizations for all the kids, guests from cambodia for 2 days, grad photos taken (yes you heard right – charity just finished her masters in social work!), along with every other thing under the sun that normally takes place.

the construction workers are organized and have continued working on the Adoption Suite on the 3rd floor (where families who are picking up their children can stay), the nurse visiting is doing the weight and height of all the kids, jordan has orders and is on her way to the optometrist with one of our kids,  and elijah’s medication for the week are ordered.


construction going on in the Adoption Suite

travel clearance is followed up with one of the foster family’s traveling abroad, and a case study of a sibling group is finished. oh, and one of the two little wee kittens has died and is being buried.

the other kitten? perhaps didn’t make it too…headache is still reminding her that its there. i tell her, in jest, where she can find headache pills – 2nd drawer of the grey plastic shelves in the pharmacy.

she giggles.

its just after 12:00noon.

the afternoon begins. kids have already been fed and are waking from their naps. elijah is still sleeping – lets not panic though – they gave him strong painkillers – he’ll need them. poor guy.

lunch despidita is planned. tiles for the floor have been bought. another little one has “the epidemic” sickness and is put on meds. two kids have been sent for chest xrays.

its 230pm now.

by 3pm she has visited with an australian friend/visitor, dealt with an issue with a child no longer at GHI, gave Elijah his pain meds, dealing with another little ones high fever. and fed the surviving kitten.

the kitty is surviving? well one out of two ain’t bad, i say.

and charity replies – i revived him earlier today by rubbing him – did i forget to mention that?


the little one – arwyn – who has a high fever – is being less than cooperative with getting liquids down, so charity is having to be stubborn in getting her to drink.

arwyn wasn’t into it though – she dumped the whole cup on her.

i had to laugh. really…what else do you do? 🙂

so just before 4pm, they had drank another cup, little caleb was in the crying chair, colin’s fever was up again, jordan was getting photos printed for the bulletin boards, elijah had been fed and given ice for his arm, princess was buying apples for snack and eye appointments had been made for two downstairs

did i mention it was 4pm?

“i need a cup of coffee – maybe that’s why i have a headache” she says.

ya think!?!? 🙂

oh and she had done a load of laundry.

i said to her, what? only ONE load? what on EARTH have you been doing today?

chuckle… 🙂

at 430pm she was teaching princess how to make pasta as princess has been bugging her to teach her how to cook. by 510pm, supper (pasta with zuchinni and vegetables, oh ya!) had been cooked, babies had been fed and bathtime had commenced along with the evening rituals that lead to bedtime.

white laundry had been scrubbed, 3 babies all tucked in, ricki and colin tearing around the place, thanks to paracetemol. someone was fetching lunch stuff for tomorrow. and we wonder why she is in bed by 8?


ricki tearing around in the car

and just after 8 i am texted “nyt”.

hopefully tonight’s sleep will be better for her than last. 🙂


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