we have joked about it several times, charity and i…if we actually kept a running list of EVERYTHING that goes on every day at Gentle Hands, people would NOT believe. like really…you would shake your head.

so after getting the green light from charity, for the next week, i am going to do just that. for our friends near and far; to see what actually goes on at “that orphanage over in Quezon City, Philippines.”

join me tomorrow as we begin the journey of “A day in the life” of an orphanage director.

~tracey, the sisterinlaw, the media/public relations person at GH, and the list-maker and first-hand watcher of charity’s life

Picture 22

one of the two little kittens, just days old, that were found

outside GH…charity has been up during the night drop-feeding

them, in hopes they will survive.

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