When i walked into GHI, it was already abuzz:

down below on the first floor the tables and chairs and tents were being set up as a volunteer medical group from UST (University of San Tomas) was coming to do health check-ups and dental checkups. Good timing – the day before an epidemic of fevers and headaches broke out amongst the children to make us all quite concerned and on our knees praying.

there was also one school aged girl puking in the bathroom as charity went from nose to nose wiping the snot as so it doesn’t leave trails everywhere.

there lay little colin on a chair, fevering while watching CARS and asking for coffee. lol. (dont worry – he wasn’t given coffee!)

Picture 28

it was only 7:45am.

as we waited for the medical team arrived, life continued to march on.

charity at the table, for short spurts, working on revisions for her thesis she presented for her masters in social work, the day before (didnt you know that this is what one does? gets their masters while running an orphange and being mom and wife. ).

oh! elijah has surgery on his arm tomorrrow morning – lets not forget that… laundry is being washed, hung and folded, scheduled medicines are being given, babies are being fed, toddlers being bathed, while others being put down for naps.

it’s now 9:30am. i head downstairs to the medical mission that is about to start.

after seeing all of our sick children, and doing dental check ups on every last one of our kids (that’s about 60 i believe), the team graciously donates medicines and bottles and other wonderful things we can use at the orphanage. we thank them and prayers are said and it’s 12noon.

Picture 27

back upstairs where charity has watch duty over the littles and her own kids helping as well, more laundry is being done, kids are finishing lunch and going down for naps, this may be the only “not as crazy” time of the day.

i left around 1245pm…when i got home charity said that the kids were ALL sleeping and that she was scurrying around doing laundry and everything else under the sun til they woke up.

It is sunday…a LESS crazy day than most, thank the lord. well today anyhow.

the last i heard 30 mins ago, or just after 9pm, charity was not feeling well and was going to bed.

the week ahead is a very busy one – her son going in for surgery early tomorrow morning, visitors coming at the end of the week. and everything else that these A DAY IN THE LIFE ENTRIES will feature.

goodnight and until tomorrow

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