thursday. quite honestly, i wasn’t sure if i was going to be able to keep up with these daily posts – not only is life abuzz here at GH, but my own schedule is crazy with teaching at a college. so i’m fairly shocked that we are already at thursday. 😉

at 6:15 the graff kids were on just about out the door for the trek to school. the night was relatively acceptable – colin was still fevering. arwyn still didn’t want to cooperate in the drinking department, charity’s cough was so bad that it sounded like she was going to hack up her lung.

oh and her prof was reminding her about her final thesis. hehe

i asked how her pounding head was – “last i checked still attached. haven’t looked in the mirror tho for 3 days.”

and the headache, i asked?

“wait – that dull throbbing? yeah its there but tolerable”

and so thursday was well on its way…

after i had finished my powerpoint for my class that night, i headed in the truck to GH.

at 830 she was planning out the visitors stay and we started on making the new daily observation chart for the nursery’s and bedrooms of all the kids rooms down in the orphanage.

minet and charity were in discussion at the table about a baby potentially coming, from another foundation.

suddenly colin was saying over and over – hair cut, hair cut mom!

yes..he did. he cut his own hair. and ricki was about to be the next client….hehehe

colin showing charity his cut hair

at 930 we were researching prednisone dosages, organizing more files, paying more bills (it never ends, i tell ya!) and filing receipts.

the adoption suite on the 3rd floor was coming along…hopefully the shower will be done in time for our guests who were arriving later that evening. hopefully. fingers crossed.

merienda (snack time) for the little kids before they were put down for a nap. michelle, the little blind one, was so excited to eat that she did all the signs as fast as she could – more, please, thank you. we giggled. dear caleb was full-on spitting out the syrup medicine not once, not twice, but 3 times. mmmm hmmmm.

michelle and her signs

10 visa applications were filled out for the 9G extension of charity and her family.

suddenly the clammar and yelling coming from outside the kitchen window was enough to stop what we were doing and look. you see, we are on the 4th floor on the building. why on EARTH would there be soooo much noise RIGHT OUTSIDE THE WINDOW??

the grill being installed

there it was – every worker working on the building, all in strategic spots –some on the roof, others on the side and still more inside the master room whose windows face the street–hoisting with rope the grill for the window.

it was truly a sight to see AND hear – every hoist up was loud and dramatic and yelling and grunting. we were giggling so much. even colin and ricki were TOTALLY into watching this action!

this, folks, is what reality TV shows are made of, i tell ya.

ricki helping michelle walk to the table

more trying to convince arwyn to drink – the plus is her fevering is very minimal now – thank you lord.

checking over R’s eye doctor letter for his papers to be completed so he and his little brother could meet their forever family soon…P1000 for a little letter! wow!!

looking over the doctors letter

at 1045, the kids were napping and charity looks at me and says – my thesis is due today………..and we start laughing. and then she starts hacking cuz of her cough. i thought for sure i was going to have to sweep up bits of her lungs off the floor

finally at 11am she did a self-check of her lungs and asked me to then hear. i glad stuck the stethoscope into my ears and listened. ok, ya, uh huh. i move to the other lung. yep, hear it, ok, ya.

and she says, and????

i start laughing. as in LAUGHING. and in between tears, i say, “well i actually dont have a clue what i’m listening for, but that was fun!”

and she almost pukes out her lungs from laughing so hard. 🙂

laughing is good i tell ya. hehe

maybe you have pneumonia, i say. the look i got shot was awesome.

elijah had his gauze changed – his arm was healing well – but boy is it gonna hurt to get those staples out next week.

elijah’s arm healing great

at 1130 she had looked over the xrays of all our new kids. every single one of them has TB. oh dear. and the meds are not cheap. but what do you do? we are all these kids have.

charity talking with michelle…so sweet

charity then orders their meds, while working on her paper.

the rest of the kids are fast asleep for naps after being fed lunch by 1230pm except for the little 9mth old who is skooching on his bottom from place to place, smiling and talking to himself. very cute.

at 1pm charity goes to the main office for a social workers meeting and i head out to fetch kids and get ready for my class.

i dont hear from her for almost 3 hours.

i text and ask, what have you been doing for the last 3 hours?

and i laugh at loud when i read:

what have i been doing. seriously?????? i dont know – i haven’t sat down since you left.

i tell her that will work for the update. 🙂

at 4pm she has cleared off her dining room table which has been her office, so our guests can sit without peering over piles of info and data of her thesis and case studies and children’s files.

i told her i was so shocked that i just rear-ended the guy in front of me by looking at the photo.


“no, not really. but that would have been funny for today’s update no?

as i get ready to start teaching i get another text that the workers were not able to finish the adoption suite room in time for our guests. so charity was scurrying around making the conference room fitting for our guests to stay.

not a really crazy thursday..but just another day in the life of an orphanage director. 🙂


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