you know it can’t be good when you get a text at 5am saying “…i fevered and coughed the entire night and feel like hammered poo”. my poor sisterinlaw..


after she had gotten her kids off to school, fed the littles breakfast, she someone come up from downstairs and watch them while she napped, to try and get some form of sleep.


when i arrived at 845, laundry was in full swing, and there she was just putting new dressing on elijah’s pretty amazing looking stapled arm. 18 staples to be exact.


putting on new dressing


the staples – all 18


it was a slow going morning…it was clear this “sick thing” was really taking a toll on everyone, including charity.


before 10am, charity and i went down to see the progress on the Adoption Suite – coming right along. it’s amazing what they do with so very few tools like we have in the west. i decided a quick video of this ordeal would be fitting.


the suite wouldn’t be done for our guests coming from cambodia at the end of the week..but the CR (comfort room = bathroom) looks like it might be – yes! 🙂


we then got into talking about the design for the medical wing on the 3rd floor of the old building, as well, the 3rd floor plans of the old, but currently-being-renovated building. with a nurse coming from australia by the end of april/beginning of may, there was a lot to get done for this medical wing – so we mapped out where her office and sitting/waiting room would be, where the lab was going to be, the xray room and the 2 isolation rooms and general check up area. exciting to finally see the pieces coming together for this amazing project!


the on-going progress of the adoption suite


then we went upstairs to the 3rd floor where it had been/is being renovated, and planned out where the girls program will be, where the shortterm/longterm missionaries will be, and where the weekday stay-over-night GH workers will be.


it was all coming together! what a profitable 45 minutes!


back upstairs we went and charity continued with paperwork – letters written and travel clearances cleared, case studies finished, and the administration of medicine given to dear sweet arwyn – today she didn’t throw the cup of water on charity..hehehe.


at 1130 charity was looking through playground equipment for the 1st floor outdoor garden while nursing the pounding headache that had seemingly made itself at home in her poor head.


meds – in the pharmacy – grey cabinet – left side – 2nd drawer. 🙂


it was almost noon and the kids were fed and now sleeping – lots of sleeping when you have a bunch of under the weather kiddies. laundry was being assessed and continued to be done, with a fuzzy head.


then judileth, the supervisor from downstairs, came up and they were going thru the sick children’s daily charts and the doctors reports of some of the children that were sent over to Doc over at the hospital we use just down the road earlier.



 charity and judileth going over charts and doctors reports


jordan had just returneed from taking about 8 kids to the doctor that morning, got her next instructions and was off with one of the GH staff to the american eye clinic in makati to get their eyes check as it appeared they were going blind. she also took one of our new girls, 11 years old, as she was blind as well. if you’re counting that’s 3 blind girls we have in a month – do you see a trend here? 🙂


charity and i discuss whether getting a yaya or a full time special ed teacher would be far more beneficial for these beautiful blind girls. little rika, who we found a month ago – she has glasses and can see as far as 2 feet in front of her – progress!!!


back to the day in the life…rabbit trail there…hehehe.


the wire transfer from the west hadn’t come thru as scheduled and little things are being needed to be

bought – so there is charity finding bits here and there, saying graciously, sorry – the wire hasn’t comd thru i hope this will be ok! oh if only the luxury of home was just like that here…no worries – you roll with it. 🙂


one of the sick littles playing quietly 🙂


at 2pm i head out for makati – i am teaching my first photography course at a college and have a bunch of running to do before it starts.


for the next 2 hours it looks something like this at GH:


– a wee battle with arwyn 🙂

– Elijah knocked out with painkillers for his arm

– one of the babies not feeling well, puked everywhere – as in EVERYWHERE.

– charity’s fever, which had left for a while, was back

-one of her last assignments for her masters program was started

-michelle, the other blind girl who is 6 yrs old was found 3rd degree malnourished and weighing only 8 kilos on intake, has been recovering nicely in the 2 weeks we have had her – she’s now 10.2 kilos and is signing please, more, thank you. today she said “nana” when charity asked her if she wanted a banana….exciting!


i checked in just before my class starts and the lone kitty that she was keeping alive? ya…it starting sucking from the dropper – no more force feeding – SUCCESS! 🙂




“got inspired to write my paper. you have to read it and edit it.


lost my phone.




elijah finally woke up.


did major lice treatment in sj’s hair.


nebulized arwyn and caleb.


said goodbye to brittany….


did 3 more loads of laundry.


feeling much better tonight than i did last night.”





when I was done my class, i looked at my phone and at 9pm was my last text from charity – going to sleep.


here we thought tuesday was going be quiet. at least it wasn’t crazy busy! 🙂


see you tomoro!



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