Team Koza rocks again!

Who would think to spend Christmas in an orphanage would be so much fun!

Koza church is in Okinawa, Japan, where many US military are based. Every year, they send several teams to work, to play with kids, to help in Malabon and to serve the children of Gentle Hands. They are always a blessing.

This year’s Christmas team was unique and blessed us in many ways.

Shoeboxes from Ireland

How surprised we were to receive a personalized shoebox for EACH child from Helping Hands Ministry and their church in Ireland.

The faces of the children say it all! The little toys, the coloring books, the bags of candy, and the special toiletries were a gift that was just right for each child.

Christmas in Malabon

Malabon has been our community ministry for 4 years now. Each year at Christmas we try to give a small gift to the regular children of our Saturday outreach.

Who would have thought God would use Shoemart (like a Philippine Walmart) to bless 500 chidlren in Malabon. After a donation of toys and stuffed animals, we put together string bags that had toys, a stuffed bear, a new pair of flip flops and an apple. Not only were we surprised at the amazing gifts we were able to give, but the children of Malabon were too!

We were so proud of them as they lined up quietly and were thankful for what they received!

Good thing we had Team Koza to entertain while the kids waited in line!


No Christmas is complete without a Christmas party at GH. For weeks the staff practice their dances and the ballerina’s work on their performance. It is a celebration of the season, of God’s provision and of the love we share with our GH family.

This year a friend donated the money for us to provide the feast and another supported paid for all the chicken for us to fry! God showed us again that even our celebrations are important to him.

Christmas Eve Service

Our GH family gets together to sing Christmas carols, to hear the Christmas story, and to serve birthday cake for Jesus. This year was muffins! We lit candles and talked about each child going into their own corner of the world through adoption and how we can always share the hope of Jesus to our new family.


We are thankful as we enter 2014. We know that God will continue to provide for our needs both financially and physically. We believe that He will raise up families for our children and that our paperwork will have favor with the different boards and governments that approve our children for adoption.

Thank you for your part in this ministry. Thank you for donating financially and for sending boxes of supplies. Thank you for praying for us, for our staff, and for our children. Thank you for sharing our stories. Thank you.

For love of the poor,

Charity Graff for all of us.

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  1. Maria Monica Alix
    Maria Monica Alix says:

    hi, reading this blog and seeing the children’s faces has brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad that despite they do not have parents, they have you guys as a family 🙂 keep up the good work. and I hope that one of these days I can visit you guys when I get the chance to go to Manila

  2. Jim and Doris Woodward
    Jim and Doris Woodward says:

    Thanks for sharing photos and captions of the Christmas party that you threw for the children at GH as well as the bessings you bestowed on the children in Malabon. I know that God is looking down on you with a smile. We, personally, are thrilled to be able to support your ministry through our small monthly donation. It helps us to feel connected to you. Blessings to each of you and the children you serve.

  3. Marie
    Marie says:

    Hi Charity….love to see the little ones so happy and you gave them thT wonderful feeling in their hearts. So pleased that we can help! Love and blessings Bob and Marie xxoo

  4. sheila aspinall
    sheila aspinall says:

    It’s truly a blessing what your able to do for the children. Their happy faces tell it all, for some it’s probably the first gift they ever received. I’m glad god has blessed me and that I’m able to do monthly donations, just think if everyone who read this site was able to donate even $20, monthly(its 1 night out for dinner) you could help so many. I’ve personally seen gentle hands at work they do so much the feed, house, educate, get medical attention, rescue the kids but most of all give them the godly and pure love they so deserve.

  5. Dell Mitchell
    Dell Mitchell says:

    I think what you people are doing for the children is really awesome. I had a chance to visit Philippines many times for vacation and everytime I formed my own mission experience while I was there and it was the most rewarding expereince i have ever seen and if I had a choice to do it again I would. Since then the Lord has called me to the ministry and God has put it on my heart to reach out to lost souls in the Philippines. There is a lot of work to be done and God expects me to assist in this. I have faith in God that he will send me there but while having faith in God includes faith in his timing as well. I look forward to speaking to you in the near future and hopefully meeting as well.

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