What is Adoption?

An Incredible Journey

Adoption is an amazing journey. Regardless of the initial motivation, something beautiful always comes out of an adoption story. It can be simply that a couple can build their own family or that a child is given a home where they had none. Adoption is hard. It is hard work for a child to accept, believe, and move into a life that is free from the trauma and pain of their past. It is hard for parents to understand the deep effects of trauma on a child and how this penetrates every activity, relationship, and piece of life. Beginning this journey together, without doubt, will bring challenges that have never been experienced before. There will be days of weeping and days of rejoicing.

Adoption is a calling and when God calls, He gives strength and wisdom. The ups and downs are real but God isn’t just healing a child, He is working on the parents too. Don’t be dismayed by the stories of struggle. If you are called to adopt, God has it all under control. GHI works very hard at preparing all our children for adoption. We want the child to understand family, the roles of the family members, and what family means beyond the responsibilities. We teach our children that adoptive families will love them and care for them just as a biological family would and, in many cases, much better. We teach them to have appropriate expectations and not to assume that they will be given material things but that the priority is love and relationships. We teach them that it may be hard but that God goes before them and will give them the strength to trust and put new roots down.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider adoption. God will do amazing things in your life and the life of a child when you step out in faith to be a continued part of a child’s journey to growth and healing. Remember, God is never done writing our story.

Who authorizes adoptions?

Adoption in the Philippines is centralized and run by the National Authority for Child Care (formerly ICAB), which makes all decisions as to matching and placing of children both domestically and internationally. It is not allowed to choose which orphanage your child comes from.

Who is eligible to adopt?

Any Filipino citizen residing in the Philippines, Filipino citizen permanently residing abroad, or foreign national who is at least 27 years old and 16 years older than the child to be adopted may adopt from the Philippines.  Additional details on eligibility can be found on the NACC website.

How do I start the process to adopt?

For those who want to adopt from the Philippines, it is a complex application procedure that begins with contacting a Foreign Adoption Agency, FAA, that is accredited by the National Authority for Child Care.  A list of accredited agencies can be found on the NACC website.

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