On Thursday, we checked into a private room in a hospital down the road from where Ryan’s heart surgery was scheduled. The doctor wanted him secluded before the surgery.

In the morning, the ambulance took us over to PGH, Philippine Generel Hospital. We went for one last 2Decho. The doctor came in and we chitchatted and laughed. He was so easy going. Then upstairs to surgery. An injection to make him sleepy. His little eyes held mine. I never expected to feel the emotions I felt. More chitchat and they wheeled him away. More patients were wheeled into the waiting area where I sat with the ambulance nurses. Children, adults. All having surgery this morning. I was thankful we were the first ones.

He came out of surgery in 45 minutes. The doctor was pleased and shook my hand. He’s fixed, he said. We just need to watch for bleeding. Then you can go home tomorrow. There was a thin tube that had been inserted in his artery and guided all the way up to his little heart. A mushroom shaped cork had been put in to plug the hole in his heart. The tube was slowly removed and blood spurted everywhere. Guaze was packed on. The two little puncture wounds were the only evidence of a surgery.

The effects of the anetheasia lasted 3 hours and he screamed and cried in and out of drowsiness. But sleep did come and I snuggled him for several hours finally feeling some relief.

He woke up so happy. He was starving and he ate. And then he ate again. Then he drank milk. Then he wanted crackers. He was a different child.

It has now been four days since his surgery and he is doing wonderfully. One would never suspect he had just undergone heart surgery.

God is so good. This little boy will fulfill his God given destiny, I am sure.

Thank you for your prayers, your thoughts, and your finances, which made this possible. We had the entire amount given and then some. It covered the medicine and the extra costs, which we hadn’t known about. Not a peso came out of our regular fund.

This child would not have survived without this operation.

I am overwhelmed at your generosity and the provision of God.

For love of the poor,


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