He is only five.
He was playing while his mother was cooking hot soup in their squatter shack.
He saw a spider and tried to catch it… the pot of boiling soup spilled over him causing 3rd degree burns to 20% of his little body…

Picture 9

He was discharged from the local hospital because of fear that he would get infected in the hospital… there were no sterile rooms.

The doctors did not refer the child, did not explain to the mother… did not give her any medicine or advice. Just disconnected the much needed IV and sent them away… to recover in the filth of Escopa.

He is in so much pain… his eyes wide with fear. “Momma, don’t leave me,” he whimpers. They have only suggested Tylenol for the pain and given some antibiotics.

Picture 10
His little body is charred- even his private parts… infection oozing in some spots… any movement and he cries… his little body exhausted. What an ordeal. For one week already, he has been under doctors’ care. And now he is like this.

Oh God. Where will we get help? Infection can ravage such a little one… he was sent home to a shack where there is no clean bed, not even clean water. What were they thinking? He will die from infection. He is already dehydrated and weak.

Evan takes him to the National Children’s Hospital. There are no burn units there, he is told. And besides, there are already two children per bed…

“There is a man screaming in agony down the hall… A man with a stab wound has been moved leaving a pool of blood on the floor and I’m watching the doctors try to get a viable vein in this little boy.. The doctors are smiling and laughing… WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM? Please God… please take away the pain. Please let us find a place for him… Give us a competent doctor…”

Our social worker is on the phone calling and trying every contact we know. They leave to find another hospital. The Philippine General Hospital but there is no space in the burn ward. They tell them to get out of the emergency room- the infection may spread to other patients.

So Evan and the mother hold the baby and wait. Our social worker fights for the child to be admitted. Finally at 2 am he is admitted and an IV is put in. He is sleeping.

The road ahead is long and hard for this little one. There is no one to help him, to pay the bills but us.  Healthcare is available only to the rich here. God will provide.

His name is Gil. Please pray for him.

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