I am livid. My mind whirling. How can this be called medical treatment?

Her mother is hysterical. The grandmother’s face swollen from crying. The grandfather sounding his own cries of unbelief and distress. In the chaos, I struggle to understand the whole story and I am distracted by Crystal… she doesn’t stop whimpering.

Her body is covered in hives, a reaction from some medicine she has been given for the past 3 days as an outpatient. She is a horrible sight.

I call for the boys. I am surprised, blessed really, to find the boys went into action as soon as they heard of Crystal’s arrival. Mandy, my usual right hand, isn’t home from taking care of the child in the hospital… I am thankful for Eddie. He knows what we need to do.

Gently I move her into our all-too-familiar ICU room. I ready gauze, antibiotics, tape from our last burn patients… so very thankful to have enough left to start this little one’s treatment.

We administer pain-reliever, start oral antibiotics and rehydration salts. She is exhausted before I start to dress her wounds.

Picture 39

The tape is almost impossible to remove without tearing the burnt skin away with it. This leaves the new skin, unready to be exposed, and especially susceptible to infection. I painstakingly remove the few pieces of gauze that stick to the already infected wounds. Oh dear Jesus, please help us.

It is only 30 per cent of her body but it is excruciating to have 1st and 2nd degree burns. She has been in agony for 3 days now…

I am strangely moved by this little one’s cries. Her eyes hold so much pain, deeper than just this burn. I struggle to keep my eyes dry and silently go through the motions of cleaning the wounds despite her screams, my heart desperately praying for healing to come.

If I could take this pain for her…

Please pray for healing Crystal’s body and for minimal scarring to her face. Pray for her parents who are separated and who need to know the love of Jesus.

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