We are watching God do a miracle before our eyes. No, our patients are not totally well, but I am watching new skin grow. I am watching infection die little by little. I am literally seeing new pink skin form under the black, layers of charcoaled skin.

Picture 32

One evening, I came in for my night shift, and Kuya Martin was laying in the dark crying in his pillow. Oh, dear Kuya. How many times have I told you that God is bigger than any plan of the devil. God will take this and turn it for good if you trust Him. God has a plan for your life, for your family.

Kuya Martin lost everything in the fire, not just his house. He is one of the few men under the bridge, that is a skilled laborer. He is a finishing carpenter like his father before him. He had just finished two beautiful wooden tables that he planned to place as show pieces in his new furniture shop. He had saved 8000 pesos in a can under his bed for his first rent. His plan was to find a place this year… and use all of his tools, to make a better life for his wife and 3 young children. All of his tools, worth over 25,000 pesos ($500 USD) he inherited from his father. All were lost in the fire.

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You see, his very dreams burned that night. There have been several days when he lay in his bed staring at the wall… he wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t eat or even drink. His wounds caused him much pain. Night fevers and chills stole his sleep. I don’t think he thought he would get well. I must admit, we were all very worried for several days. I finally threatened him with an IV and began praying over him out loud. I began speaking hope and told him God would provide. Not just a house, but a more beautiful house and a perfect place for his new shop. God could give him new tools. He looked at me, his eyes so empty, so sad. I taped scripture verses to the wall in front of him saying that God was our Healer, our Provider.

Four days ago, Kuya Martin, prayed and asked Jesus to be Lord of his life. With tears in his eyes, he asked for reading glasses so he could read his Bible. (Funny thing, I had one pair of reading glasses from a trip to Walmart 3 years ago. They were hidden away in a drawer all this time…)

The next morning, I came down to change bandages. I was so blessed. There was Kuya with his glasses on reading his Bible. There was a smile in his eyes and an air of lightness about him.

Since that day, he has faithfully read his Bible. He has a peace about him. God will be glorified through this fire. He has long had a plan for the people under the bridge.  We don’t know about relocation or how we are going to help fix their present living conditions, but we know God has a plan and He will PROVIDE. We are working together with the local leaders to help organize the crisis situation. Pray that we have favor with officials and that God directs us.

He gave them beauty for ashes

The oil of joy for mourning

The garment of praise

For the spirit of heaviness

That we might be trees of righteousness

Planted by the Lord,

That He might be glorified


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