Gentle Hands has always taken the children no one else will take. We have always fought for the children that no one wanted to get involved with. We have seen God do miracles of healing and of rescue of children who would otherwise have been in terrible situations.
Last week, we were asked by several hospitals to take children that they didn’t know what to do with.

, came to us without a name. He has spent his first month of life in a hospital, abandoned, no known information.

, 3 days old, was a victim of child trafficking, he was to be sold upon birth.

, had been in the hospital since birth. His mother was a hopeless solvent addict. He was born prematurely and subsequently abandoned. He is 6 months old and weighs only 6 lbs.

, almost 3, was born in July of 2005.  She has been in the hospital since birth with different nurses and staff taking care of her basic needs. She was born without an anus and has already undergone several operations. She had a cleft palet that still requires more surgery but she is alive and has a right to be so. The hospital didn’t think anyone would ever want her, so she was left to wander the nursery and hallways with different staff that gave her attention. We are fixing her paperwork so we can transfer her to our home immediately. God has a plan for this little girl.

Please pray for these precious little ones.

Thank you for your support that allows us to buy milk and medicine and pay caregivers to take care of them. Continue to pray with us that we would have our monthly expenses met as we continue to rescue children in faith.

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