Holding the abandoned.

Rescuing the hurting.

Healing the broken.

Defending those without a voice.

Loving the unloved.

Gentle Hands is known for its effectiveness and heart for the poor, among those that are forgotten, ignored, and abandoned.

Often I am asked what one can do to help. Rita, a friend of mine felt a tug on her heart for our babies. Over the winter she began to sew. She prayed over each blanket as she cut and stitched.  One blanket for each child and even a few extra. They turnMound_of_blanketsed out beautifully.

And oh! I can’t wait to give each child their very own hand-made blanket to snuggle.

I am reminded again how much we need YOUR hands, YOUR hearts, YOUR prayers as we work among the poor.  Rita_with_blanket_2         

Don’t every think your involvement with Gentle Hands does not make a difference. Find something that speaks to you, that moves you, and do it! Not only will our precious children be blessed but you will too!

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