A fellow director of a children’s home called. They were closing their home. 13 years, I think she said, and they had to close because of a lack of funding. My heart ached for her; that fear of no operational money, so close to my heart, so often.
The home had a few children who they hadn’t been able to find placements for and wondered if we had room. We didn’t really, but I told her yes, praying that I would never be in her shoes.
We prepared for transfer of one child, with bilateral cleft lip and cleft palate. As we talked about timing, Nurse Jo reminded me of her appointment with the surgeon on Monday. Friday, I asked for the child to be brought in to go along for an initial assessment.
He came with his social worker, just a little waif and amazingly, he was cleared for surgery for the next day.
Gideon upon arrival to Gentle Hands
The surgery went well, despite the lack of skin to pull together to close his lip. He recovered remarkably, despite the swelling and discomfort for the first two weeks. The most remarkable thing was that for this surgery, we paid nothing.
I was so sure that God was showing how His hand was on this child. The director felt it, too. I prayed for her heart to be strengthened and comforted.
This little one was found in a backpack outside a restaurant, just 3 months old. He was loved and cared for so well by the staff of the children’s home and now, he will be cared and loved by us. Another six children will come at the end of November and join the already 80 children at Gentle Hands.
Gideon, an appropriate name, it is a Hebrew name meaning apowerful warrior. His namesake is a man in the Bible who won battles through skillful planning and faith rather than the strength of arms alone. God was clearly on his side.
And so Gideon, we fight on. Believing that God has a mighty plan for your little life, too.
Gideon Today!

Gentle Hands is the only agency at present, accepting children with severe medical 
needs or other complications. Although some procedures are done with little charge to us, some we pay full cost for.
If you have a heart for medical things, please donate to our regular account and note “medical”. We will set it aside for the next child with medical needs.
We spend almost $1000 a month on medicine and we anticipate this to rise as we begin our advocacy program to intervene for children who can be helped medically and surgically before international adoption and not just after.

And please continue to support us monthly.

We have literally doubled in size within the last year. Expenses have obviously increased as well.

Continue to pray for us as we are on the front lines of rescue and rehabilitation of children who are abandoned and abused. God hears their cries and will honor you as you help us to keep our doors wide open.

For the children,
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