Beautiful. Her soft skin like velvet against mine.

Tiny. The scent of heaven still on her skin.

Fragile. Needing the strength and warmth of our arms.

Delicate. Too new for this unclean world.


Our arms ache.  


Her little pink blanket lays folded on the piano. No one has the strength to put it away.



 For a baby that was ours for too short a while.

Tears come in waves. We hold each other.


Our hearts will hold tight to a memory of what should have been.

To a dream, a prayer and the hope that we had for her life.


In Memory of Rose Arlene. Rose

September 6, 2009 –  October 7, 2009.


Baby Rose was just 3 weeks old and went into hospital with Sepsis. She was treated with strong antibiotics but her little body just couldn’t seem to rally to fight the infection. Gentle Hands takes in fragile babies and there is always risk in that. Jomar, Ezekiel, and Joed helped me care for Rose the most and were with me in the hospital room when she died.


We were blessed with a kind, loving, compassionate doctor who cried for us when Rose took her last tiny breath. Maybe we were just too shocked to cry. But tears will come in time. Grief is like that. Especially when it takes you by surprise.





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