She is almost 6 years old. January, I think, is her birthday. The details were sketchy.No one really knew what was wrong with her and as it often is, information isreleased slowly only as trust builds, or one persists.

She was brought to us during the US Marine medical mission in Malabon on Monday.It was obvious she was dehydrated and her feet, knees and face were swollen. Shewas malnourished and was very weak. Her nail beds were blue and she was strugglingto breathe. She was a very, very sick little girl.

The older sister told her she needed to go with me so she could go to school. Theolder sister told me the relatives had given up trying to get her well. Her mother wasdead and her father insane.

We took her home with us, the drive was hard on everyone. She was in terribledistress, and in a lot of pain. She apologized for having diarrhea and asked if I wasmad at her. I told her everything would be okay. She asked me for a bag, a pair ofshoes, and if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, a doll.

It only took a few hours of observation and I knew, for any chance for her to live, wewould have to go to hospital. She was too sick. Her lungs sounded like the ocean…full of water.

After 24 hours the diagnosis was grim… serious, contagious tuberculosis. Severepneumonia. Fluid retention. Her organs were shutting down. A blood transfusion wasordered.

We sat on her bed last night and she prayed so earnestly. “Jesus, please help me. I’mhaving a hard time.”
I hugged her and told her Jesus heard her prayer. He would work something out.

So, someone asked me what I need and really, I just need money. We’re trying tobe aggressive. She wants to live so badly. She wants to go to school. Tuberculosis,pneumonia, malnutrition – all are treatable if the meds are managed correctly. We cansave this little girl… I think.

She has fought to stay alive for this long all by herself… at least I want to try andfight with her.

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  1. Nancy Degenstein
    Nancy Degenstein says:

    Little Jallyn will live. The Lord Jesus loves her so much. As love and prayers are spoke on her behalf He hears and will answer. The love from Gentle Hands are hands of love and care that He will honor. Be blessed with all you need from the Lord little Jallyn.

  2. Mick and Ruth Evans
    Mick and Ruth Evans says:

    Our son sent this information to us about little Jellyn, we are praying for her life to be spared if it is the Lord’s will. Please add us to your email contacts. Thanks!

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