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We often get referrals from government hospitals. Children who have been abandoned or are not responding to rehabilitation in the hospital.

Little Kennrick, just 18 months, has had a breathing tube for almost a year now. His mother has not cared for him properly and was left in the hospital for days in a row with no one to care for him.

Three days before my initial visit to meet him, he had to be recusitated.

Listless, he was left on a thin sheet in a side room. Nurses were too busy to check on him. He was never held. Never talked to. He was not fed or given anything orally, though he can take it. His IV dripped slowly into his swollen hand. The day I went to the hospital to assess him, it seemed he had lost the will to fight. He hardly responded when I called his name. He was hot to touch, and breathing seemed to be all he could focus on. His eyes were so sad… the long lashes striking. He was a beautiful little boy.

After much discussion with the senior pediatrician, I assigned a caregiver to sit with Kennrick. Hospitals are different here. A patient must always have someone to watch over them. Nurses are too busy to attend to the needs of all the patients… If the IV runs out, you must find the nurse on your own.

Mandy, one of our Candian Short-termers, and Ezekiel, one of our Boys, have been in the hospital by Kennrick’s side for 4 days now. He is still in serious condition… His tube gets clogged with mucous and a suction machine is used to clean it out. He must be nebulized every 4 hours to keep the phlegm soft. He has a chronic fever… he is very sick.

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But he is responding to their love and gentleness.  He is drinking milk and his eyes smile every so often.

We have been fighting for 3 days to have his tube changed. The doctors simply don’t care. They don’t care the infection is winning. They don’t seem to see little Kennrick as the precious little boy that God made him. They argue with us or simply cannot answer our questions. It would seem they don’t even know what they are doing… or what they have done.

We are fighting for his little life but he has worth and I believe God has a plan for his life. Will you pray for him? That he would be healed and be able to breathe on his own? That there would be no damage to his throat? That the infection would die and he would begin to respond to the medicine? That Mandy and Ezekiel would have strength in dealing with the doctors and nurses who don’t seem to care?

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