To the mother who many years ago, brought her dying little boy to my front door and begged me to keep him… to save his life… thank you for trusting me.

To the mother who handed me her son with tears streaming down her face. Almost too exhausted to speak… thank you for trying. I understand.

To the mother whose hand I held as she surrendered her legal rights to her baby. Life’s circumstances were too much and regardless of your wrong choices, in the end, you sacrificed your desire and love for your child. Your baby is going to be okay, I promise.

To the mother who cursed me through the bars of a jail cell. I forgive you for the wounds you inflicted on your child. I pray that God will reveal himself to you.

To the mother who left her blind child by the side of the road. I will never know your story.But I am grateful you left her where someone would find her. Thank you for that.

It is easy to criticize or to feel anger at the mother who abandons their child in a garbage can and to hate the mother who has dared to hurt their child. It is easy to say we would never be like that. We would never do that. But we have maybe not been in their shoes… and it is a terrible thing to assume we are better than another… Perhaps life has just been kinder to us.

To the mother who sat through a case conference with her older children and in the end, admitted her lack of care and concern for them and allowed them to begin the process of adoption to a permanent family. Thank you for your strength and humility.

To my caregivers, both young and old, who have given their hearts to children that do not belong to them. They love with everything they have, knowing they will need to let go and trust… another mother. Thank you for your sacrifice day in and day out.

To the first mothers of our children…


Know that your children are loved.

Know that they are safe.

Know that they will be okay.

Know that they have angels and that God says He has a plan.

And to the “other” mothers… the forever mother… the new mother… the adoptive mother… thank you for loving our children- for accepting them with your whole heart and committing to a life long journey of the unknown- for being willing to set aside your own feelings and desires to love a broken child who has experienced loss… a child who needs a mother… thank you.

It is for you that we pour into our children.

From the time a woman becomes a mother, she must give. Give of her very self until some days, it feels as though there is no self left. But it is in this sacrifice of self that we give strength to the precious children that are entrusted to us.

And through our sacrifice, our children learn to be strong.
They learn that they are beautiful.DSC_0055 And they learn that there is hope in love.

Because in the end, We love because He first loved us. And God’s love is more than we can ever give.

So with a heart so full, thank you God for loving us and trusting us with your precious little ones…

It is for you that we love our children.

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