JULY 2010

It was 9 months ago, we started building on the extension of our new building. God provided an amazing team from a miliary church in Japan to clear the lot and construction began almost immediately. Buying the land was a miracle in the first place. Having the money to start was another miracle. How God provided the funds was amazing.





















The building was finished the 2nd week of January BUT it took almost 2 months to get the OCCUPANCY PERMIT ! It took time to carefully maneuver around the different departments of City Hall so we could get our permit quickly!

And we finally HAVE IT in our hands!





“MOVING IN” – the New Building

First Floor:

  • New nursery and Toddlers room





The Toddlers squealed with delight and jumped around everywhere as we moved their stuff in and showed them their new room. (Once the nursery finishes their bout of chicken pox, they are next!)

Second Floor:






our classroom shelves ready to be stocked with books and supplies and kids to move in this week!

  • We are using the classroom and office space and beautiful bathrooms!



Third Floor:

  • The large, open multi-purpose room, has become the temporary home for the Graff family until the renovations on the old building are complete. You could say we are “squatting” there, yes.

Fourth Floor:

  • Our awesome court/gym. We have used the 4th floor for many functions already!









playing basketball is the BEST on the fourth floor!










and it works wonderfully for lots of people gathering..for birthdays and such!



It is a beautiful building and it belongs to God! All Glory to Him as He provided in perfect timing for each payment as we were building.


PHASE TWO has begun.

The old building needed many renovations and there are many things that desperately need replacing and fixing. The wiring must be totally redone. This is not simple work like in other countries. Our buildings are made of concrete and the workers use chisels and hammers to open the walls up and fix things. It means time and expense.












We were donated an entire BAKERY by one of the Rotary Clubs in Makati, a city within Metro Manila– complete with mixers, ovens, racks, and pans…everything! It will provide food for our children, food for our outreach in Malabon, and work for our older boys! We HAVE to renovate.

We have an X-Ray machine and all the pertinent equipment coming from Australia! It will be such a blessing and allow us to do so much more!


First floor:

  • Renovations for Special Needs room with bathtub
  • Renovations to the “Big Kids” rooms

Second floor:

  • Medical wing complete with Confinement Room, X-Ray room, small Lab, and Palliative Care Room
  • Renovations to the rooms to make bedrooms and dorm rooms








Third floor:

  • Beautiful Bed and Breakfast for adoptive parents to stay
  • Bakery
  • Chapel room

Fourth floor:

  • Residence for the Graff Family


The full renovations and additional 4th floor will cost

5 million Pesos ($115,000).

We need to raise this money immediately so we can finish in 6 weeks!









God has good, amazing things in store for Gentle Hands… Be PART of it and consider giving today!


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