What follows are some of the responses we received to our writings about Baby Jonalyn. We thank everyone for their interest and support of what we are doing here.

Hi Charity,
I cried when I received this letter and honestly…this affected tremendously my quest in pleasing the Lord.  For now, i am just daily asking the Lord of what He wants me to do, and as much as possible to just gaze upon His beauty and the beauty of His Creations – that includes Jonalyn, which unfortunately I could no longer see.   But then…Jonalyn is just one of them…there are more babies to come with the same situation or probably even worst…
Press on..what we do to the least of our brothers we do it unto HIM 

Dear Evan, Charity, Jazz and all the other wonderful carers,
I am saddened to read the story of Jonalyn. I am glad she was able to share her short but important life surrounded by your care and love. If it wasnot for this our T. could be in the same position. Charity once told me it was T’s heart that gave him the chance of a better life. Who knows why these things happen, but a least we all around the world were able to know about Jonalyn and her family.
Thinking of you all
J., M. and T.

I love you guys so much — can’t imagine how much you are hurting after loosing baby Jonalyn. I am so sorry.  It is a big family at GH, and I am sure everyone feels the loss.

Hey Evan,
I’ve never heald a dying baby so I can’t quite empathize, but I have no doubt it would rip my heart to shreds. I can relate to the desire to have mom close at hand when we’re in tragedy though. It also helps to be held by a strong dad when things are frightening, as I’m sure things were for that child. As dad wasn’t there, you were the best replacement, and I have no doubt that brought some bit of comfort. I pray God gives you the comfort and grace you guys need as you continue to help others who need your tender love and compassion.
Bless ya cousin,

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