While Gentle Hands focuses on babies and children under the
age of 8, we have several children who live at Gentle Hands that do not fit
into this category.The boys that we have in our DAVID boys program, go to
school ‘in-house’. We have full time teachers who teach them right at Gentle
Hands. This is because they are too old to go to public school. They study
until they are ready to take a high school equivalency exam. The younger kids
however, do not qualify for this and there are many reasons why they need to stay at Gentle Hands.

The school year in the Philippines starts June 1st
and runs to April 30th. We need sponsors for the school supplies,
uniforms, and daily bus fare of these students. It only costs $50 a month for
each of these children to go to school.

I am in the process of posting a little bit of background of
each child on our website so if you want to know more about their situation,
you can.

Here are the first 5 kids… Would you help us find someone that would help send these
kids to school? It would be really neat if you would send an email or letter to
them once in a while and encourage them. They all have such potential. It is an awesome opportunity to help them get an education and become all that they can be!


Em Em, 12, Grade 2

Franz, 8, Grade 2



Gil, 8, Grade 2

Bryan Joy, 8




Joan, 12, Grade 6

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