She is just little, her tiny little face is astonishing really.

Her narrow brown eyes search my face, skeptical.

And for just a moment, her eyes hold mine.

I dare not blink, for fear of losing this moment.

Carefully, gently, I touch her hand.

I can protect you, I whisper.

I can love you.

And the silence deafens us both.

Her fingers gingerly curl around mine.

And we sit like statues.

Our breathing synchronizes and I feel her relax

Ever so slightly.


Will you come with me? I whisper.

Eye contact, again.

How brave you are little one,

To trust me.

She has been housed in a government facility after being found by her father’s dead body on a sidewalk.
A concerned citizen stopped to help her.
I think she is about 5 years old.
That is all we know.

The past three weeks has brought us 5 children that belong to a category called ‘Foundling’.

These are children simply found.

On a street corner, in a parked jeepney, in a market, wandering…
with no identity.

Some of them get lost in the swirling chaos of the streets.
Some are left intentionally for someone else to claim them.
Some are orphaned and find themselves all alone with no where to go.

No one really knows their age.
No one knows their birthday.

Sometimes, they don’t even know their own name.
They have no rights.
No birth certificates, no homes, no parents, no one to hold them, no one to protect them, no one to love them.
And no one to advocate for them.

We have given a name to many of these children; a name they can call their own.

We have loved them until a family has come forward willing to adopt them and be their family.

We are passionate about the ‘foundling’.

Because we believe that God sees them.

God knows who they are and where they came from.

In him they are, indeed we all are, truly found.

Gentle Hands Inc. was founded by my parents 30 years ago when they moved from Canada to the Philippines as missionaries.
Time has come full circle, and now after many fruitful years they prepare to return to Canada, for good.

We have the opportunity to purchase their home, located in an area we have long prayed about opening another center in.

Our vision is to transform it into a home for foundling girls, ages 4 to 8 years old.

To make this a reality would require $150,000 USD to purchase the house.

This is money we would need to either raise outright or receive as a long term interest free loan.

Please pray with us and if you are able to assist financially please email and

How can you help?