We are so thrilled to have the adoption suite finished!

Situated on the 3rd floor of our  building with windows that allow the constant breeze through, this  room is ready for what it was intended for!

Every time we have a family come to the Philippines to pick up their  child, they usually stay in a hotel. When our child is discharged into their adoptive family’s care, the move to the hotel can sometimes be very scary for the child. A hotel room can be a foreign, sterile place for a child that adds to the stress of meeting their new family and trying to bond with them.

The suite is just 2 floors from familiarity to our children.  There they can not only get to know their family and play, but their first night together as a family snuggled in together is a less frightening one as our child is still at home, so to speak.

The Suite is absolutely beautiful. A large king size bed with a pull-out trundle bed the same size along with several built in nooks, sitting chairs and benches make family bonding natural. A small kitchenette in the corner with table and chairs will make meal times easy and feel like home.

The suite has been called “The Chesnut Room”, in honor of the very first two little boys who were adopted from Gentle Hands. They are now elementary age, thriving in their adoptive family in the USA. Because of them, the direction of Gentle Hands changed forever and so many children have now come and passed from our hands to the hands of their adoptive families all over the world.

Special note: King’s Corner Church of God in Regina, Canada graciously raised the funds for us to complete this project. We are truly grateful and know many families will be blessed by this room.
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  1. Mick and Ruth Evans
    Mick and Ruth Evans says:

    Beautiful! This room will be such a blessing to both the child and the adoptive parents. The pictures are awesome. Thank you so much Tracey for taking them and posting them for all of us to see.

  2. Kelly Chesnut
    Kelly Chesnut says:

    Beautiful!!!! So thankful for King’s Corner Church of God and all those who built this suite! What a special day for you all – and SOOOOO excited for the many families this suite is sure to serve in the coming years! We are humbled and honored to have it bear our name! We love you!!!

  3. Steve and Debbie Blick
    Steve and Debbie Blick says:

    Thank You Lord for giving this vision to GH, what a wonderful first few days as these precious ones reach out to their new family in felt safety within sight of all they know and love.
    Thank you King’s Corner Church for blessing so many for years to come. We watched the work in January when we were there to meet our children for the first time. There was no suite as of yet, but GH graciously turned an office into the perfect “Hilton” for us. Waking there to the sounds of the little ones singing morning grace, our children knocking to come in and hug us for the new day, being there to be called up to the fourth floor for a game or closing our night with hearing all the children as they poured their hearts out in praise to the Lord, opened our eyes and heart to this precious work as we would never have experienced it away from here. What a blessing this new suite will be to the peace of the children and to families to experience the work, vision and heart of God at Gentle Hands. Praise God for His wonderful work.

  4. Kay Heinz
    Kay Heinz says:

    I’m very excited to stay in this beautiful suite when my son and daughter-in-law, granddaughter and grandson meet their new family member in August. What a blessing this special place will be to us.

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