Gentle Hands has always been known to take the “least of these”, usually kids that no one else wants.

The reasons are usually simple. They don’t “fit the program” or they are a sibling group or they may require much counseling and medical intervention.

At present we have 69 children, and a waiting list- I’ve never had a waiting list.

Two years ago, we started seeing a trend of older female children and sibling groups, 4 up to 6 siblings consisting of brothers and sisters needing emergency placement, due to abuse, neglect and other traumatic circumstances.

We have 30 BIG KIDS right now- ages 8 to 14. We have split the boys into two levels and need to desperately split the girls.

Although most of these children are for adoption, one of the immediate and most important needs is to have a place to heal and just be safe.

I had reserved a space in the renovations of our third floor and had said many times to different people, “God will show us in time what we need to do with this space.”

A few weeks ago, a concerned citizen dropped a young girl at our door who was being abused as a worker in the local market. Her story is horrifying.

While we were trying to decide how best to help her, we saw that after just a few weeks of consistent care and love, there was already tremendous healing and growth happening in her little life.

It’s what God allows us to do at Gentle Hands. Take the broken and let them heal. For His glory.

The truth is, I could transfer her and several others to a government institution as most agencies do. Or I could figure out a way to make space and keep loving them and seeing God’s hand move in their life.

So, after lots of prayer and discussion, we are moving ahead with the project.

The room is itself is on the same floor as our livelihood programs – the sewing room and bakery – and right across from my office so I can keep my eye on them.

It has space for it’s own sitting area and eating area and a bedroom with 8 bunk beds. Jordan, our volunteer missionary, will be staying in the room next door to be the on-site full-time big sister.




This is a project that needs to be done quickly. I have 13 girls sleeping in a 12 x 15 foot room.

The following is still needed so I can make this room a haven for these precious girls:

construction of the beds and cabinets  $4000
painting and labor                                           1500
6 wall fans                                                             250
towels and sheets and curtains                    500
pillows and mattresses                                   600
small couch sitting chairs                            1000
water dispenser                                                 300

TOTAL                                                               $8150

I can think of lots of little things…lamps, floor mats, toiletries, mirrors, pictures for the walls, knick knacks to make it feel like their “home”.

If you have a burden for the least of these… if you believe that God can make beauty out of ashes… if you believe in the rights of the girl child… to be safe, provided for, and to be whole…

You can HELP us with this project!

I am so excited about the doors this will open for us and for the expanding ministry.


AS you pray about helping to complete the project, pray too about doing a monthly donation to our ministry.

We need to increase our operational funds and I believe we can do it by just people telling people. Only 300 hundred people giving $50 a month will take care of all of our financial needs every month. Tell your friends and family.

This is a good work… and you are PART of it!

Send me an email if you can help

For love of the Poor,

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