The phone call was sketchy. A referral from Social Services in a city several hours away. Another orphanage had been called but they refused the case. We, my social worker, driver, and sister-in-law with her camera, left the next morning unsure of what to expect.

When we got to the hopital, the social worker introduced us to the man who had posed as the father of the twin baby boys. We stood in the hallway outside the hospital nursery for over an hour as I asked question after question.

In my mind, it was simple. The man and his girlfriend had planned this whole thing. A fake pregnancy, a fake labor and a fake birth. Twins were bought and paid for by this couple- about $275 for both of them. The day after “birth” they were taken for a checkup but thankfully, the doctor was suspicious and the couple was “caught” in their game. The girl disappeared and the man has feigned ignorance of the whole scam. He claims his girlfriend tricked him and he is completely innocent of their plan never mind now he is out 10,000 pesos.

No one knows where the twin baby boys came from. We know they were sold and bought and this is child trafficking. We know they are about one month old and probably were born a few weeks premature.

They were in two separate cribs. They were being fed with bottles that were half their size, the nipples not even fitting in their mouth. They didn’t even have names. One and Two.

We have named them Elijah and Caleb- “The Lord is my God” and “Brave”. Fitting names, in my mind. They are feeding well, sleeping together, wrapped up in one blanket as they should be. They seem at peace.

We will wait for legal intervention and NBI (the FBI of the Philippines) to conduct an investigation. And so the twins are safe in Gentle Hands. What their future is, I am not sure but I know that God is watching over them.

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