In the wake of the devastating typhoon that ripped through the Visayas region of the Philippines on November 8, 2013, Gentle Hands raised $25,000 to help where we could.

– Did an ocular visit during the second week, and were able to offer counseling and listen to people tell their stories, a crucial part of the grief process. We were able to give many soldiers portable water filters and medicine. They didn’t qualify for any relief.

– Sent pots and pans to a church whose congregation lost everything. Fifty families were sharing one pot, and we were able to provide each family with their own pot and frying pan.


– Sent seeds for vegetable growing


– Collected relief goods for families in need

– Offered counseling and prayer to many who were stranded in Manila

– Helped several stranded families go back to the area after they had come to Manila for safety

– Provided financial support to a family and their relatives who lost their business and everything they owned

– Helped coordinate and sponsor two scholars to Faith Academy  (an international school primarily for missionary children) with tuition and transportation costs

– Helped a father of ten children, return to the area and set up his home. His wife was killed during the wind storm. He somehow tied his 9 children to his waist and got them to safety, sold all he could including his ox which was their livelihood, and brought his two youngest with him to Manila. Sarah Joy Graff was instrumental in changing his son’s life with a check-up for his eyes, new glasses, a trip to the mall, complete with ice cream and a first merry-go-round ride. She has promised to replaced his ox.


– Accepted five siblings who lost both parents and three of their siblings. Despite the trauma and grief, they are fully on the way to recovery and are doing incredibly well.


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