This afternoon, the hospital discharged the little boy that was burned on more than 20% of his 5-year-old body. The hospital needed the beds and after only one debridement and very strong intravenous antibiotics, in just 10 days he had recovered incredibly fast.

The mother looked terribly ragged, big bags under her eyes. I can’t imagine the stress she has been under, her other children at home alone, her irresponsible husband drinking and gambling as she sat fighting for her son’s life in the hospital. She grabbed me and hugged me with tears in her eyes. She thanked me over and over. I took her face in my hands and said, “It wasn’t me. Thank God. Praise Him because your son is alive. It is nothing I did. It was the Lord.”

She stares and me and says again how without our help… without Gentle Hands she would have lost her boy. I tell her again- we were just obedient. That is why we are here. God is so faithful and loves you so much.

Her ears are deaf…
Picture 12
The child keeps his little leg close to his body… bent. The wounds in the crease of his groin are very serious, the upper thigh raw flesh. The danger is scar tissue forming and fusing his leg to his groin…and he then won’t be able to walk.

He is not completely well yet… he is on very strong antibiotics, the bandages are changed every day, he is still in pain and the healing skin is agonizingly itchy.

But he is alive. We have seen many die needlessly because of poor or negligence on the part of the doctors and hospitals here…

I went to give him his medicine yesterday he spit it in my face. I scolded him. He threw a terrible temper fit. I smiled inside… he was not too sick… he had a fighting spirit. We will start the gruesome task of cleaning the wounds ourselves, tomorrow… It is so painful. Many of the chest wounds are bloody and raw and the gauze sticks to them. The leg must be exercised despite the screams…

God has done a miracle… pray for supernatural healing of his thigh and groin- that he would be a testimony of healing in the community. Pray his mother comes to realize the reality of Jesus and His love for her and her family.

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