4 referrals in 1 Fax

Baby Ryan was abandoned in a hospital at birth. Gentle Hands has a reputation of taking babies that other institutions will not take. When we received a referral for 4 abandoned babies last February, we were excited. Four precious lives to rescue! We were told they were all healthy, well babies.

They adjusted quickly and were indeed beautiful. However, the 2nd week, baby Ryan had to be hospitalized with pneumonia that seemed to set in over-night. For one week we struggled to keep his heart rate down, his pulse settled and to keep him breathing. He couldn’t drink, couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t afford the hospital bill. After one week of feeling like he was not improving and knowing I couldn’t pay any more, I had him discharged. It turned out he had a hole in the heart that would need to be surgically fixed. We were all shocked and very worried.

Last week, my friend from New Zealand took me to a pediatric cardiologist who works out of one of the biggest private hospitals here in Manila. The doctor said an operation was simple, quick, painless, but there was one problem. It was expensive. A small cork would be placed in his heart up through the artery in his leg. He would stay one night in the hospital and have a band-aid. He would gain weight and develop and not have the constant colds and pneumonia that we have now.

The doctor’s foundation was doing a surgery on June 4th and Ryan’s operation would be supervised by an American doctor. The cork they would place in the hole in Ryan’s heart would cost $1600.

I sat holding his hot little body in that air conditioned office and everything seemed to stand still. There was a a real chance for baby Ryan to live. Tears filled my eyes and I agreed to the surgery without a second thought.


Now, I need to raise $2650 to pay for his operation and for the medications needed.

This is a chance to help me save a life.

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