His bandages are changed twice a day, sometimes three times. Both legs, his head, both hands and his entire right arm. That comes to 50% of his body when you add it up. The places where infection has set in must be “debrided”, or cleaned. As the days  passed, his little hand and arm began to swell. It seemed the skin would burst but for the thick layer of infection that seemed to hold it all in… Knowing this was the most painful part of his burn, we cleaned gently. His cries tugged at all of our hearts… he would whimper for hours even after his pain medication…

Picture 30
Cleaning his legs where the burn was not so deep, then his left arm and hand, then moving up to his head… we always seemed to leave the hand to the end.

Finally, after realizing the antibiotics were losing to the infection, I made the call and we held him down and I scrubbed. Our lips were pressed and our eyes full of tears as I scrubbed and Mandy hushed to JR. It was the longest few minutes so far in this whole ordeal.

The thick layer of skin does not peel off. It must be scrubbed or pulled… (ever pull the skin off a raw piece of chicken?)

It is quite something to turn your emotions off in order to do something you know must be done… and a few minutes later, let down your defenses and love and cry in empathy.

We smothered the raw hand with some polysporin we had left over from a team years ago and gauzed the hand up. We prayed and after giving JR his meds, we tucked him in exhausted.

He is a tough little boy.

Picture 31
Today is Day 9 and when we pulled the bandages off tonight, for the first time, we shouted! It’s healing! It’s pink! The infection wiped off instead of needing to be scrubbed!

We are on 24 hour shift duty as we take care of JR and Kuya Martin. It has been a very difficult few days for both of them but finally it looks like there is healing.

Thank you for your prayers. We know this is a miracle. A pediatrician visited JR today in our little back room. She asked many questions and when I  gave her a report on my treatment, she had nothing to say. She smiled and told me to keep doing what I was doing, that everything looked excellent, that we were doing a tremendous job.

Please continue to pray and believe with us for complete healing and minimal scarring. The wounds on his head are still very bad and they are 3rd degree.

Please continue to pray that we have wisdom and strength in all we do.

For love of the poor.

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