He laughs and giggles at “peek-a-boo”.  He colors with his healed hand. He eats crackers non-stop. He points and makes all kinds of cute little noises. And finally, yes, he smiles.

We have a long way since the first critical day when J.R. was burned in a fire. He arrived at our house at 5 am, the hospital he was initially brought to, having done nothing for him. His skin hung in burnt ribbons, his head already beginning to swell from the trauma. I truly had no idea how serious this burn was or I may never have thought I could handle it…

Picture 34

Over the next few days, his head turned into a huge blister that made him screech in agony when he would turn even the slightest. The first 3 days, he lay as though dead, his eyes swollen shut, his breathing steady and slow. We prayed.

As the infection began to set in, we had to clean, debride, every 6 hours. Sometimes it took two hours to gently wipe the infection away. I can’t imagine the agony it was for this little boy. He was so brave. Soon scabs began to form and cleaning became easier as pink skin started to show.

Picture 35

Now cleaning is less than 30 minutes and it hardly hurts him at all.

I take the night shift every night in our “burn unit”.  He hardly slept last night… his one hand so very itchy. Then the back of his head, then his arm. He whimpers, then sighs. It’s a good sign… he is healing.

I can’t seem to sleep. I close my eyes and I see faces… so many faces. The bridge… the image of the houses burning forever etched in my mind. I can’t imagine the dreams that haunt this little one…

This has been a very long 3 weeks. It feels more like months really. If you know anything about serious burns, you will understand what a miracle we have witnessed. He is doing so well. The deep burns on his head will take some time, but everything else is healing incredibly fast.

J.R.’s parents are “wanted” by the police because they started the fire… no one has seen or heard from them since the morning they dropped J.R. off here. His grandmother comes every evening and holds him. She washes clothes to support her family and has nothing to give him. He is all they have from the fire and she loves him dearly. His auntie comes and plays. Sometimes she whispers to him that he has no more mommy. I shush her and silently ask God to protect his little spirit.

It is a wonder to see God’s healing power and his provision. I believe God has a mighty plan for this little one.

We sing a song in Tagalog that translates like this:

Kasama natin ang Dios            God is with us

Di ako malulungkot                  I will not be sad

Di ako matatakot                      I will not be afraid

Kasama natin ang Dios            God is with us.

Dumaan man ako sa ilog          If I go through the waters

Di ako’y  malulunod                 I will not drown

Dumaan man ako sa apoy        If I go through the fire

Di ako masusunog                   I will not be burned!

This has such meaning now for all of us! God is with us and we know he is with J.R.

Picture 36
Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you for your words of encouragement.

Thank you for supporting us as we are so blessed to save yet another life.

For love of the poor.

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